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Become A Certified Holistic Therapist

So You Can Express Your Full Potential
With A Meaningful Profession.

Learn How To Use
Proven Therapeutic Methods
Used By Expert Therapists And Psychologists.

Guide Clients on a
Mental, Emotionnal, Physical
and Spiritual level.

Conduct your sessions
confidently and effectively.

With over 20 years of experience and 70+ Therapists trained,

Our Trainer will share with you everything you need to know.

So You will not simply Learn Holistic Therapies,

You will soon BECOME a

Certified Holistic Therapist.

two women sitting beside table and talking
two women sitting beside table and talking

We Help People Like You
Create Their Dream Job
By Offering High Quality Training
So You Can Live a More Meaningful Life
And Become A Certified Holistic Therapist

Here Is How We Can Help You...

Premium Holistic Therapy Training

Become a Certified Holistic Therapist with this complete training.

Mentorship Program

Learn faster and Improve your performance with a more intense and personalized supervision.

Holistic Teacher Training Program

For those who want to become Trainer for Holistic Therapist.

About us and
Our Trainer

We are specialized in providing training and certification for holistic therapists and coaches. Our programs include specific and efficient training for therapist, so they can help clients achieve
a more fulfilling and balanced life at every level.

Frédéric is our main Trainer, he has 20 Years of Experience,
he trained over 70 therapists and more than 500 students
have followed his seminars, retreats and trainings.

His credentials:

Life Coach
Master NLP Practitioner
Professional Diploma in
Child Psychology
Internationally Accredited Diploma in
Professional Trainer

Lived and practiced with
Buddhist monks, Yogis, Shamans and a Shaolin teacher...

A few success stories of students
who have followed our Training
with Frédéric

Raw Flo

"Frédéric gave me self-confidence to achieve my life change at 360 degrees.

I left my position as an international marketing executive with 2 young children to live from my passions and if I had to do it again, I would have done it sooner!

Frédéric really allowed me to look deep within myself in order to know myself better and no longer adapt to what did not suit me in society in general. The training + 2 internships allowed me to better understand who I was and through the practice of meditation to let go...

A real serenity emanates from Frédéric and being in contact with him allows you to let yourself be influenced positively and in turn to feel more serenity and well-being.
More than words... it's an experience to live... so go for it :-)"


"Thank you for sending the training certificate, I was so happy to receive it, I can't even explain how.

It arrived the official day of the start of my activity as a coach with the administration and that same day I had a coaching session.

A coaching that went wonderfully well with a person who at the end said "thank you, I wanted to have keys and you brought me some."

I left a person with a radiant face.

Here I wanted to share this with you, as you know I did a pair of big training before meeting you I never exploited them but this one yes and from the beginning. I felt comfortable with "it" because the tools are strong and powerful, the techniques are concrete and bear fruit...

I feel credible in what I do... I like what I do, I vibrate when I do a session, that's what I like to be and do...

Thanks again for meeting you! Thank you for all these beautiful tools.. thank you for your generosity, your kindness, your patience and trust!"...


"Frédéric and his training allowed me to have a clearer vision of who I am, of what drives me and makes me react.
A very precious gift made possible by the quality of its availability which, although it was already evident at the beginning, continued to surprise me throughout my journey.

The sessions I benefited from during the training still amazed me several days later by their depth and the fact that they continued their effects in me long after.
The first sessions that I myself conducted with my entourage, on the advice of Frédéric, as a form of training, allowed me to gain confidence.

I integrated the material gradually and life gave me nice gifts to experiment with these theories myself, to comfort myself in the deep conviction that it is this profession that fully corresponds to me but above all, that humans have gigantic resources and that, sometimes, striking a match, making a little spark of light, brings a little or a lot of joy. And I love being able to witness that."


"Wow!!! đŸ€©

The holistic therapist training offered by Frédéric changed my life.

Everything he shares with us is truly powerful and enriching. I consider Frédéric to be an impressive source of knowledge.

All this sharing has allowed me to concretely become a better version of myself on a daily basis and helps me to achieve my goals. I learned so much during my training journey.

On the other hand, all this gave me solid foundations as a professional to support people with respect, kindness and love. I feel proud and grateful to have followed this journey. đŸ„°

Another huge THANK YOU FrĂ©dĂ©ric!!! 🙏

If you too have a vocation to help others and a mission to contribute to a better world, I recommend this training. You won't regret your choice at all 😉"


Much more than training, a journey for oneself, a reconnection to the essential. I finished this training with a lot of emotion. As if I wasn't quite the same anymore.

I was able to acquire techniques, knowledge but not only... An awakening to oneself, to others.... To spirituality.

All my gratitude to Frédéric who I think was for me like in the hero's journey, this person who allows us to take a step and complete the journey. A different understanding with the TAO part of the training! it's incredibly right and... it came to me, at that moment to refocus and soften the rigid side of the mind because I was very much in the mind, doubts and control... everything was cold and tasteless .

Thank you for these teachings, which allowed me to let go a little more, to let go more of this attachment to desire and to grow further...


When I discovered this training offer, the hesitations I encountered with other institutions suddenly disappeared.

Indeed, this training met my expectations in terms of content (rather exhaustive!), pace, and cost. Once in training,

I discovered structured content and “demystified” concepts thanks to a very accessible pedagogy.

And the icing on the cake: Frédéric Deltour offers his availability and advice without counting.

Much more than training, Frédéric accompanies each individual on a journey into themselves.

Thanks to his teachings and relevant support, I was able to obtain my certification and I am starting my activity in helping relationships.

Go ahead. Fasten your seat belt because it shakes and... it liberates. It's perfect.

Everything is perfect !



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